When we talk about surprises, we usually link them to pleasant things or events. However, there are also other surprises, those that hurt us and leave us in a very bad state of mind.

When you are hurt, you do not hear your inner voice. You have descended into dense energy. Your voice is there with you speaking to you, but you do not hear it. You are lost in an unexpected cloud. You do not know what you feel: amazement, distrust, fear, pain, agony, anxiety, loneliness, or a mixture of all of them. They are all new sensations that you would not have imagined until the surprise arrived. You cannot believe it happened to you. You could not see it coming. The surprise was overwhelming.

The helplessness of the lover becomes pain because she does not know what to do to please. When your self-esteem is hurt, you shrink and give up your power. This should not be. Self-esteem must always be above 100%. Here we must use our inner power. We do not have to give up on what comes our way. We are invincible beings. But we have to believe it. Anything is possible and the options are endless. The most powerful tool we carry with us is the breath. Learn to use it. There are techniques for all life situations that we find ourselves in. They help us see ourselves and strengthen ourselves, clear our minds and hearts to see clearly and feel with relief and firmness.

When this type of surprise comes to someone we love, we do not know what to do to help: we advise, we are around the person believing that this way the person doesn’t feel alone. We try to find ways to distract the person and we talk, we talk, we talk. We believe we are helping and that makes us feel good. What we do not realize is that we are taking up that person’s space and time and making her feel overloaded.

If you really love that person, let her process what is happening to her. Offer her your unconditional help. Tell her that you are available for everything she may need from you and to let you know when the time is appropriate. Give her space and time, love, and support. Let her know you are there. She will thank you.

Remember, I am the force of life and so are you.

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