If you have read me, last week I was talking about necessary changes. I’m curious to know what you think. I am curious to know how many of you are prepared to make those changes, to take the leap without fear and feel that you are the ones who are moving. It is not the others that move you. Many people do not realize that they are being carried away by what they hear and are told to do. Be careful. It is important to take the reins of our lives and look within. There is all the information we need if we want to see it. Many do not want to for fear of what they may discover, and blindness has them stagnant. Fear immobilizes and does not allow evolution to progress.

Throw everything that does not serve you into the fire of life, so that it can find the path it came to travel. Get rid of the useless layers you have on you. No one can do it for you, and you can’t do it for anyone else. Reflect and ask: where am I? what am I doing here? how do I feel? what drives me to live? what vibration? what limits me? why do I allow it? And keep asking questions. The decision will always be yours.

I Am the force of life and so are you

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