To change is to grow. Changes open doors to something new, something different. Opportunities we want reach us in unexpected ways. We love surprises and marvel at everything we experience. Yet we resist change. Fear, that inherited fear that pursues us, that fear which makes us doubt ourselves; because although in ourselves we feel the need to move on, to throw ourselves into something new, we will find fear and resistance that does not give full rein to our desires. This is where we have to be brave and listen to our Higher Self which encourages us and inspires and tells us to change. That fear is just a product of our imagination and our intuition will lead us down the right path. When we make changes, we feel new with the novelty. We feel illusion and want to run to meet the change, towards what is new, to the unknown, which will lead us beyond what we know.

Many of us see ourselves forced to make changes that not only we don’t like, but also don’t bring us well-being or the illusion mentioned. It would be good to remember the accumulation of fears that we can have and get rid of them, so that we can feel stronger and get rid of our most recent fears, which fool so many people.

Do you like changes? Do you ever check the fears you may have? What do you do with them? Do you get rid of them or allow them to control you?

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