Questions open up our path

When we are toddlers and begin to speak, what we do is ask questions. We send our parents crazy with our questions. We have a thirst for learning. For each reply we receive we ask a load more questions. We are beings who have come to learn, to experience: and thus we begin life finding out about what surrounds us and what it is for. 

Personally, that curiosity to learn and know what a thing is and what it is for is still with me; above all when it is to do with what affects my body. There are many people this happens to. Yet there are masses who seem to have been hypnotised and follow a general path doing what others tell them to do, even though it is harmful to them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Have they stopped asking themselves questions? Have they learnt the consequences? Not just the short term ones but the long term ones as well? Have they learnt fully from trusty sources? And if they have, where was their fear? Because, of course, fear is the key tool for doing everything you are asked to. There are no geniuses other than those who ask questions. Questions open up our path. They help us to evolve and reach our targets. Stopping asking questions is to stagnate, although it does not seem so. Where are you in this?

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