Knowing ourselves is something that requires dedication and internal work to reach the information that will tell us how and where to find what we need to know at each stage of our journey.

The first thing we have to learn is to love ourselves unconditionally. When I say this to people, they answer me: “I take time to be with my friends, take days off work, practice my favourite sport, go to the Spa,…” and many other similar comments. For those of you who are reading this: What are your comments? Do you feel loved unconditionally by yourselves in these types of activities or other similar ones?

For those who want, I invite you to try yourselves to see how far your love for yourselves goes, how it is so great that it crosses all the outer layers and enters the deepest part of you. Here you will find the essence of what we are, what forms us, what we must know to understand what we do and what we would like to do.

I just want to remind you that everything is in us. We carry it inside. To see it we must get to know ourselves. If we know ourselves, we will notice the resonance in us very clearly and we will not go against it. If we do not know ourselves, we will follow the instructions of others and live outside the coherence of our essence.

I Am the force of life and so are you.

Those of you who have questions can ask me them openly or privately. I will answer when I can. Those of you who are on social media, give it a “like”. You don’t know how many you can help. (I realise many of you are not on social media).

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