It is time to take decisions

Greetings to all of you!

The time has come. From now on, we have to decide what we want for ourselves, for those around us and for the planet. “A World that Moves Fast” is one of the chapters in my book “My Awakening to Myself”. The whole book is about the awakening that needs to take place, if we want the best for ourselves. That chapter is about the split that is going to take place. I wrote it in 2018. The split is taking place now. This is the time to take action.

It is very important to know what we want to have in our future, how we want to live and what we want to see in the planet. Take some time to reflect on this. As I have said before, our thoughts are powerful. Visualise the best things you want in your life, how you will live with them, the sounds you will hear and the beauty you want to see in the planet. Be creative and make it really beautiful. Allow your loving heart to guide you into your vision.

Another important thing is to be fearless. Remove any fear you may have. (See my previous blogs for more on fear and how to clear it.) The best thing to do, at all times, is to have a heart full of love and joy. Heal your wounds with love and forgiveness. The picture shows how the Earth takes care of us giving us the yellow colour to heal and calm us after winter. Follow her lead by clearing away the dead wood (physically, mentally & emotionally) and revelling in beauty, colour and new life.

I wish you a mind free from fear and a heart full of love and joy.


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