Yesterday we had a full moon in Virgo. Astrologers warned us of what this meant in terms of cleaning up everything we don’t need. It’s six in the morning and I find the most beautiful scene in front of me: everything is covered in snow. It is an image that I associate with the cleansing of the soul. It feels like lightness, kindness and love.

We have been talking about changes, cleaning up, untying ourselves from ties, leaving behind everything that does not serve us and that we only continue with out of habit or tradition. To do that kind of cleaning is to make changes. This is also where fears come in. We can get stuck with great weights on us due to the fears that we have accumulated and now they are so great that we do not know how to deal with them.

Let’s remember that fears are the product of our untrained mind. The mind creates them and feeds them with external information. The build-up of so many fears give rise to anxiety. Anxiety leads to panic attacks that can present themselves in many ways, including illnesses.

If you need help, don’t even think about it, look for it. It’s the smartest thing you can do. It is true that we are powerful. We all have the power to save ourselves and that is what we must do. However, when we don’t see the way out of situations we find ourselves in, when we worry about our feelings, when the obstacles increase that is when it’s time to seek help. There are many professionals who can guide you in that, but you have to take the leap.

I Am the force of life and so are you.

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