Greetings and wishes of wellbeing

Most people talk about envy without realising the impact it can have on those who suffer it as receivers. Envy is a dangerous energy. It can make people ill. Unfortunately, it is rarely thought the cause of the problem.

Healthy individuals suddenly became unable to function physically and had to be in bed. Doctor´s prescriptions did not work, and they did not know what to do. So, they turned to holistic healing. We found that the problem was created by the energy of envy. As soon as we dealt with it, they were back to normal. However, we can carry discomfort, pains and aches which could also be from envy. I have treated individuals who suffered pains for years until something else occurred which added to those pains. By having them checked we found envy energy at the root of the problem.

The envy usually comes from members of the family, colleagues, friends or acquaintances. Most of the times, those who feel envy are not aware they are sending those feelings to whoever they feel envy from. Envy is far from kindness, generosity or unconditional love. Envy is hurtful and often those who have that energy in them are unaware of the pain they can cause.

Have you suffered from the effects of people being envious of you or what you have? Are you someone who envies what others have or are? Are you envious of the happiness of others? Check your feelings, you may stop a lot of suffering. And remember, whatever we send out we will get back in one way or another: but it will come back stronger.

Wishing you peace and love, free from envy and fear.

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