The entanglements that we create when we do not conceive that others see things differently from how we see them and do what we would never do: that leads us to a disorder that ends in knots and leads to confusion and pain.

Speaking of someone: “I don’t understand why he said…, he did…. You have to …, etc.” What follows is a string of how it should be. “Like this, like that and the other way”. Then he continues: “because I say…, I do… I behave… and that is as it should be.”

There is one thing that our unconsciousness does not let us see. What is it? What do you think it is? Those of you who follow me already know and there will be others who will too. We see our own image in others. Somebody will say “how awful!”. It is not horrid: it is a favour that the person you see fault in does for you, because they are highlighting what you have inside, and you should clean/treat/heal or simply understand. When you do this the knots are untied, and you release part of your shadows. You feel relief and peace, even if only for a few moments, because there are always more knots.

Tell me if you are aware of this simple and profound detail when you start working on it?

I Am the force of life and so are you.

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