Greetings and best wishes

I would like to share this with you. You probably know that the herbs “veronica” and “horse tail” are very good for the prevention of certain physical conditions and are good healers. The combination of both can be very effective. Until the end of last year, I was able to get them on the internet. This year I could not find “veronica” anywhere. A herbalist I use did not have it and could not find it for me in any of their providers. Some of the people I talked to in the herbalist shops did not know the herb. I was surprised as it has so many properties.

This year I decided to grow some vegetables in a small area of my garden. Right in the middle of it was a very beautiful, tall, elegant wild flower. My heart felt for it. I had never noticed it before. I did not know what kind of flower it was, but somehow, I felt a pull towards it. I said to my husband “This flower is so beautiful and if we put vegetables here, what should we do with it?”. Two days later, my husband comes in with the flower in his hand and said, “do you want to keep it?” I felt awful and said, “you cut it!” and he said he had pulled it out. My heart sank as I put the flower in water. It lasted weeks. I had to forgive myself for not doing some research on the plant before uttering any comments.

I went to our local nursery to buy seeds and plants when I came across the “veronica” plant and I bought two of them. I felt lucky. My surprise was that when I got home, I had many “veronica” plants growing wild along the hedges round my garden and they were the same as the one my husband had pulled up.

Ignorance blinds us. We have to be watchful and always enquire, research and find out before it is too late. Look at me! I had those plants in front of my nose every day and didn´t see them for what they were. The same happens with people who have information in front of them which could damage them in many ways but the ignorance in them makes them blind to it. We find at all levels of life how ignorance creates habits which are indirectly created by those who want to benefit from them. It pays to be awake to this fact.

We have lessons and clues every day of our life through the ordinary things we do. We just have to be aware and spot them. Then, move on and see what is happening to you, to your family, your community, your country, our planet and the population of the world. What is the lesson or clue telling you to look at? And, what is your heart telling you to do? Above all, make sure your ignorance does not blind you. The mind will tell you anything you have been programmed to do. Listen to the depth of your heart and reflect on what you hear. Make sure that information is free from programming of any kind and your heart is talking to you alone.

May you be free from blindness and protected with blessings.

ignorance ignorancia

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