I have shared with you some of the “feedback” that I have received about my book. There are many more with just a few words or much longer. In those that I have shared you can see different ways in which it has been received. Perhaps there are some of you who have the book and do not use it in the best way to obtain the desired results. The feedback I have shared may inspire you to use the book as a more effective and faster tool. On Facebook, if you go back, there are more comments in English than in Spanish.

If you are looking for gifts for Christmas or birthdays, look no further. “My Awakening to Myself” is the cheapest gift in terms of money, but the most valuable possession to accompany you in your everyday life. It can get you out of situations when you feel lost, when anger controls you, when frustrations cloud your existence or when the routine becomes monotonous. This is a book that teaches you to use the simplicity of things. It clarifies what is already in sight, but you had not stopped to observe. It speaks to you in simple words that you can remember. Someone told me: “I love it, it is with simple words that I don´t have to underline to remember them”. It is a book for every day, every moment. It will take you, if you want to follow it, to your true Self, deep within you.

To all of you who have it, send me your comments, they give me great joy and may also inspire others.

I am grateful

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