Being Conscientious

Greetings and wishes of wellbeing

Life is what it is: being born, learning, dying and restarting again and again continuously. How we evolve depends on what we learn. As we evolve, we go up through steps of vibration which will increase our frequency. For that to happen we must be connected to our Higher Self, who will guide us along the easiest paths for us to take. We are beings of light and we have a strong tendency to forget that. Our planet and universe remind us of it constantly: but humans do not listen. They have lost the sense of listening. They only hear what they want to hear, without asking themselves where that will take them. They have a short-term vision: they do not remember that they already had these experiences many times before.

In what is left of this month of December 2020, it is crucial for us to wake up. There are planetary and universal forces which will help us, if we help ourselves. In my blogs I have been saying how important it is to be conscientious in what we think, feel and do. We are at a key point, where our planet and universe are giving us opportunities which can change the whole of humanity – if we are responsible for ourselves and change our thoughts, emotions and actions into being conscientious. This is the time to sow seeds which will flower in a few months. Tell me: what are you going to do?

Wishing you love and joy, free from fear and stress.

La vida es lo que es. Un nacer, aprender, morir y volver a empezar en un continuo. Todo depende de lo que aprendemos para poder evolucionar.

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