The word “conditioning” from the previous post has stuck with me and I am going to say something more about it.

Those of my generation and many generations before us have already come to a society loaded with conditions. The education we have been given at home and at school was based on conditions; many of these became traditions that have been followed to the letter.

There are many people who live without knowing that they are conditioned. There are many who know this and do everything they can to get out of the innumerable conditions that exist. If we open our eyes, we can see them everywhere. The media are a great instrument for instigating it. Have you ever observed the final objective behind films and certain programs? Most people do not because they are easily convinced. It is very easy to follow others. A few years ago, I saw a documentary where the actors were asked if they knew the reasons behind why they did or said certain things as protagonists. Their beliefs were so far from what it really was that they didn’t believe what they were told. But that made them investigate and pay more attention to what they were doing. Their observation paid off. They were stunned at what they found. Even seeing it themselves, they found it hard to believe. If the protagonists do not see it, how can the expectators see it? It’s like the medicine given to children, sugar is added to make it taste good and they will never say that they don’t want to take it or that it’s bad.

I want to go back to what I said in the previous post that: “External factors can only control the external. They can never control our inner being, because only we have access to it.” They can control us internally if we let them. Fear is a powerful control tool. Who uses it? Why? How does it affect you? Here external factors condition you internally if you allow it. How to avoid it? Knowing who you are. I already said it last week. There is also a lot on the subject in my book “My Awakening to Myself”.

How many resistances do you have? How many fears do you have? How many weaknesses do you have? How many strengths do you have? What are they? How curious are you to know? Where does so much censorship come from? Where do so many diverse diseases in young people come from? Why? Keep asking, because by asking you get to Rome, my grandmother used to say.

I am the force of life and so are you.

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