I like that you reflect and ask yourself questions. There are some that have reached me, and I am very sorry that I do not have the answers that you want. Each one of us is a world, even though we are all part of the same energy. We are waves in a giant ocean. Each wave is different but belongs to the same ocean. For this reason, the life scenario of each one of us is based on who we are and what surrounds us. However, I dare to say the following:

The fear that you feel of hurting those you love by breaking the limits that you have set for yourself is in you. If you have already created a scenario with limits, fear and damage: what can come out is the result of your creation. Everything is in your mind. What’s interesting is that it can also be deleted the same way you created it. It is a matter of going backwards by changing it. Everyone is a wave and that is why each one must find their own current that pushes them in the tide in which they find themselves, alone or with the help of a professional.

You have to be careful when judging yourself. If you judge yourself before acting, you cannot win, because you already feel lost. When you want to quantify the damage you can cause with your actions, you should put them on a scale. Yours with respect to those of others. The benefits of both sides would also have to be weighed. As for finding happiness, it depends on the waves in which you find yourself and that you know how to take advantage of.

The important thing here is to know who you are, what you want from life, why have you come to the planet, if you are already doing what you came to do, and more… All the answers are in your heart. You must be honest with yourself. You cannot fool yourself because that has a high price. If you listen well, your heart guides you where you must go. It is the heart that knows what our route is. No one can advise anyone, because what belongs to others does not fit into what is ours. We are unique. That is why it is so important that you know who you are, what your essence is.

I AM the force of life and so are you

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