Do You Need Help?

Greetings and wishes of wellbeing

Have you been in situations when you need help, but you cannot bring yourself to ask for it? Especially if it is to do with personal help which involves something you do not know how to do. I have noticed how people want help and, at the same time, they are saying they are fine and they will be alright as it is. Or, you can see the need in their body language and yet they cannot utter the words “help”, “I need help”, “please help me with…” We have all been in situations in which asking for help was very hard and yet that was our only way out. Very often, we would not even know the reason as we felt pulled back from asking. Other times it could be a kind of shame, ego, feeling we can do it when we cannot, not letting others know our weakness or anything else. I have met people whose parents or teachers had told them as children that they were no good at anything or they were useless, and that created a burden as adults which they could not free themselves from. These kinds of individuals are going to find asking for help very hard because of their upbringing.

We have to open up to the fact that help is there for us at all times. There are so many people ready to help us. We only have to ask. However, we have to be mindful who and when to ask in order to get what we want. Some people´s lives are too full and even if they want to help us, they cannot do it for lack of time. A good way is to acknowledge the need we have. Once that is done, the people who can help will come our way.

Asking for help is a sign of intelligence in my perception of life. We cannot be good at everything in this lifetime. We have the potential to do everything, but we just do what we have chosen to do. Therefore, we need other people to help us with the things we do not know or cannot manage at particular times in our lives. It is good to remember how often we help others with our knowledge and skills. What do we prefer: asking for help and moving on, or not asking and being stuck?

So, where do you see yourself? Helping others and asking for help when needed? Or being too proud to ask, shy, not daring, or fearful? Not wanting to come out of your shell so others cannot see inside you? Wherever you are, see if you are cooperating in your community in asking for and giving help.

Wishing you Peace, Love and Joy, free from fear.

Do you need help?

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