In the previous blog I talked about the limits we set ourselves: many without realizing it. Some of you may think that the example I gave you is not the one that would affect us the most in our daily lives. Really? Change the scenario, set your intention to eliminate the limits, what would be the result?

It is fabulous when you free yourself from the limits and do what you want – what you have wanted for a long time. Doing this gives you a lot of pleasure. By removing the limits, you may find obstacles, barriers and, above all, fears and resistance. One thing can lead to another. Like a chain, it gets longer and that’s where more limits are added. In my book I talk about resistance and fear and how to get rid of them. You will see that most of these limits are the result of fear and resistances. Not knowing who you really are, not knowing yourself, not letting yourself be drawn away by the internal instinct that moves you is being a prisoner of the limitations in your life.

Not all these limitations are yours. You take as yours those of the society in which you live, those of your environment and those of the people you communicate with. Learn to filter what is good for you and what enslaves you. Don’t learn from those who are already used to the limitations and tell you that they are happy in them. Being yourself presents many challenges to living in the everyday world. The results are worth it. Being on the edge gives you strength and courage. Dare to jump!

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