We should clean up our way of creating limitations in our life. We do it unconsciously and we are surprised when we find ourselves confused in unexpected situations. I am going to share something that happened to me in Cape Town, Africa.

We had agreed to go to a place where they played drums African style. I don’t think I had any expectations; it was just something new to hear and see. We arrived late. To my surprise the room was full: everyone was playing. I was confused because I didn’t expect that. We were immediately taken to the first row where there were just three free drums. The noise was deafening. We were guided to the drums. They told me to sit on a stool which was very high for me. But I had a place to put my feet and it was more comfortable than I thought when I saw it. They gave me everything I needed to start using the drum in front of me that I had never seen before or knew how to use. The person leading was right in front of me and was gesturing for me to play. I panicked, not knowing what to do. He continued in an energetic way to tell me to play. All I could think was “I don’t know how to play”. I was blocked with that phrase, until those around me and those who went with me pressured me to play. Suddenly, I released the blocked feeling and let my hands do what they could. I cannot explain what happened, but I started playing in the same rhythm as the others. There were several changes of rhythm and sound, and I got carried away by the vibration of the room. It was as if they were not my hands. The feeling I felt was wonderful. When we left the room, I did not seem to walk but to fly. It was incredible and unforgettable.

If I had given into the limitation I felt, I would not have had such a fabulous and unusual experience. Limitations hold us back and we allow it from our unconsciousness. Have you ever wondered how many opportunities you have lost due to your own limitations? How about making a list? How many would you find? And if you find them, could you remove them?

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