A few days ago I was at the Barcelona airport to catch a flight to London. Boarding time was 12 noon. It was half past one and we were still lined up in three rows, by boarding numbers. I felt uncomfortable standing for so long. There were no seats and some people were sitting on the floor. No one told us about the flight delay, nor did they apologize for keeping us standing so long without information. I asked a person who seemed to be part of the airline staff. He told me that they were waiting for a call to leave, and he pointed me to a seat for two that was for people with physical problems.

I felt grateful. In the other seat was a young woman eating a sandwich. I commented on how prepared she was, given the circumstances we were in. After a few minutes of conversation, she told me that she was blind. She lived in America and had to change flights in London. She wanted to spend a day there. She said she had a room reserved in Camden. I asked her if she knew the area and she said no. She had taken that hotel because it was cheap. I told her what Camden was like. Her flight was the next day. It was a pity, the delay we were running was not going to leave her much time to enjoy London. I said to her that I admired her courage and her lack of fear. She smiled and added that it was her mother who suffered knowing she was travelling by herself.

What is bravery? It is simply being free from fear. When you’re not afraid, you know you can do anything. Fears must be monitored every day. Often you feel afraid, and it is not your fear, but the fear that surrounds you in the society in which you live or of the people with whom you interact. Ask yourself questions.

I Am the force of life and so are you.

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