“Your book helps me; it helps me a lot. When I have a problem, I open it and I get a chapter that helps me at that moment. It´s true, I always have it on my bedside table and before I go to sleep, if something is on my mind, I open it and it gives me the solution. I´m delighted. I have improved in my work, in the relationship with my children and my husband. Thank you very much”.

It is a great joy for me to receive these comments. In this one you can see how easy it is to use this book and the impact it is has in her life. She is improving in everything, and she feels it in a very conscious way, which will make her see more clearly the many opportunities that are presented to her.

Another thing I receive frequently, in both languages, Spanish and English, is a photo of the page that they open at that moment with some surprise sentence, as if they could not believe what is happening to them. Wondering, how can the book know that? I am infinitely grateful to those who contact me and share with me those beautiful moments. And, also, that they allow me to spray them with others, since in a very simple way, we can help many to find this book that can improve their lives.

I am grateful

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