Best wishes for your health and wellbeing.

Guide yourself through your heart, not through fear.

Two days ago I went for a walk in the woods, as I usually do every day. When I arrived in a clearing from where I could see a wide view of the countryside, without thinking I found myself going to a side of it that I didn´t know. The change in view surprised me. I could see a nearby village. This moved something in me. I sought out the point I liked best and I sat down on the grass. I gazed at this scene in great tranquillity and peace. My mind sought in my memory the story of my life. I saw it pass in front of me like a film, without shifting my sight and attention from the panorama I had in front of me. It was enriching to see and appreciate the years I have experienced. I was surprised by what occurred in some of them. Others made me smile. There were sad and painful ones. But in all of them there always was and is the permanence of learning. I was happy with what I had seen. It was worth seeing it like that, watching it without judgement or regrets. Some children´s voices made me realise it was late and I had to go back.

This is a good exercise to see what we have done, to cure wounds we may have suffered on our journey and learn from them. If some are still bleeding, it´s a good moment to give them attention and love. If this isn´t enough, seek help.

Guide yourself through your heart, not through fear.

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