It has been a few years since we have had snow. I have missed it. I love snow. We have a lot of it now to enjoy. When I see everything covered in such brilliant white, I feel as if an environmental cleansing of the soul is taking place all around me, and I find myself in the centre of what seems to be an enchanted world. It is hard to explain without losing the essence of what I really feel. My time passes in contemplation of these scenes which are so vibrant for me. I was feeling like that when my friend the fox arrived: right in front of the window where I was, he was rolling in the snow with indescribable pleasure; and I felt an extraordinary communication with him. It was as if he was on the same wavelength as me enjoying the snow. I regretted not having my phone handy to record those magical moments. However, I soon understood that they were not to be recorded. They were unique and very special to me. After a few minutes he left, but he came back walking calmly as he always does, with no sign of feeling the cold, even though we were a few degrees below zero.

I wanted to share this experience with you, now that we are entering a new paradigm where it is the heart that speaks. Frequencies go up in people who prepare or want to prepare. When you search, you find. When you tune in your heart to a clean world, a harmonious and loving collective, your vision takes on another colour. You feel stronger by connecting with that inner force that so many ignore, and many are beginning to realise how magical it is. And you, are you connected? Are you looking for yourself or are you letting yourself go with the crowd?

I am grateful

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