We keep talking about changes. If we are prepared, we can make the changes that come to us or those that WE decide to make more easily than if they surprise us. My previous posts are reminders of what we may already be doing.

I know there will be many who feel good in their comfort zone and don’t feel like moving at all, because the unknown is going to require adjustments and changes. They may not have thought that the changes will occur. And then, there will not be so much time to do it to our liking. You must ask questions. I suggested some in my last post. It seems important to me in this month of January to emphasize the changes. The ones we do internally are the most important, because they lead us to know ourselves and who we are. The fear of what can happen is a brake. Fears are easy to get rid of: you must just want to remove them.

If you think it is difficult to move from the old to the new, examine yourself by putting your ego aside. It can manipulate you with doubts and fears. When you know who you are, you also know what you want in life, and it leads you to what you came to do and to learn very clearly. If you haven’t reached there yet, you may feel insecurity and lack of self-esteem. With the questions we come to see what our shortcomings are and can work on them.

I am the force of life and so are you

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