How many times have you been tired and have ignored it because whatever you were doing was a priority and the tiredness could wait?

We fool ourselves constantly. When it is to do with our health and wellbeing, should we not be more responsible? We all know that our physical, mental and emotional bodies do not work the same when we are tired. There are moments when we push ourselves to the limit. This leads us to a shutdown of energies in our system, which makes us feel we lack everything, are lost and cannot see even the most basic things with clarity.

It is good to have the right tools to hand which could help us to be prepared if we tend to find ourselves in these situations. Also, relaxing, meditating, walking in nature, resting, doing something different that we enjoy would be useful. They say that the colour yellow strengthens the energies. Wearing something yellow or having yellow flowers in the workplace could be of help when we know we are going to be stretched. Take care of yourself!

Flores amarillas yellow flowers

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