I had just announced that the Spanish version of my book had already come out when I received this photo with the following comment:

“How are you? As you can see, I already have the English version since I bought it in 2019, the truth is that I love it. There are chapters that I haven´t read yet, while others I have reread many times. Depending on the time.

But now that you have released the Spanish version, I will be able to recommend it to a lot of people who could not read it in English and even give it as a present.

It is a book to have for a lifetime because as you learn, you understand certain aspects of the book. It´s as if you shouldn´t go on to the next learning without having understood the previous one. Sometimes the learning comes from some other external source, and I go back to the book to corroborate what I feel.”

I was moved to feel the sensitivity of this person and that the book was used in the way she does, because that is how the book is intended.

I am grateful.

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