Here I am again to remind you that if you want to help someone, you have at your fingertips a book that will surprise and assist many in their daily lives. Recommend it or give it as a present. If you already have the book, use it well every day so that it serves you as help, relief and joy.

Do not think: “it would be good for this or that person, but I don´t think they would read this book”. Do not judge. Give the book to the individual. I have been surprised by people who I did not think would be interested. However, they are enjoying it. I get feedback from those who have it in the office and use it more than once a day. It calms and guides them.

If you read the previous blogs, it is very clear how people can use it. You may find some chapters more difficult to understand because of beliefs or habits you may have. It does not matter. You will understand in your own time.

I am grateful.

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