“Adelita, good morning, congratulations about the radio. And that you are still in Spain. Excellent! What can I tell you; that the book is surprising me more and more. It´s just that the clarity is amazing. Apart from the simplicity of the words, I find it amazing on some occasions, even if I don´t understand. I ask the question and randomly open the page where it has to be. I don’t understand it at that moment. Throughout the day it hits me. ¡Wow! It means this or I understand, it´s clear to me now. It is magical, magical! Thank you very, very much. Really. I said to myself: I have to tell her. A big hug”.

I would like to share this comment because it makes it very clear how the page you find, sometimes, does not seem to tell you anything. It could be, you may not want to look within, or you may have difficulty seeing what it means to you. However, throughout the day, things change and without thinking about it, the answers come. The page that opens is sure to have the information you need at that moment.

“I am reading your book …how much wisdom is in these pages! … It is a gift of life that we coincided, and to be able to enjoy your book. Thank you for everything, and for spreading wisdom, light and love”.

This one is accompanied by a photo of the book. I liked receiving it because it is like an affirmation of what the reader felt. I can perceive the emotion that comes with it. I capture the feelings of that moment and they make me feel the union of love that we all are.

I am grateful

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