Last night, I looked out the window and I was surprised by the size of the moon, I have never seen it so big. I was amazed and said, “look at the moon!”. The full moon seems to come to give us desired dreams, we look at it enthralled with longing and hope to receive them. It fills our hearts, and we can let our imagination travel wherever dreams are and let them know that we are ready to receive them. A while later, when I looked again, I no longer saw it, because the sky was cloudy and did not let us see it. I thought, “how lucky are those who live in countries with clear skies that let them see the other worlds around us!”

As quickly as the moon disappeared from my sight, so it is with days, weeks, months and years. Our perception of time is reduced at great speed. It seems to me that it is Monday, and I am already on Friday. Without realizing it, Christmas has caught up with us. I ask myself a lot of questions about it. Do you? Do you wonder where we are going so quickly? What surrounds us? Above all, about what you do every day? Do you like it? Who controls you? Do you think you are totally free to express what you feel? Do those around you support you? How do they support you? How do you feel about life? What are you missing? What would you like to ask the Moon? Remember that what you ask for comes to you if you know how to ask.

I am grateful

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