We are strong

To those who are doing the meditation “Our Planet” that I put on my blog three weeks ago, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. As I said then, many of you may not notice anything, but there will be many of you who will see the difference from the first day right through to today. Every day, on visualising the planet in front of us, we can see the light is brighter and more extensive, and it keeps on growing from day to day.

When things go badly, all we see is darkness. We forget that that very darkness stops us from seeing what is happening farther away. Fear is a very powerful tool and looks for allies like stress, anxiety, desperation, sadness, impotence, etc. Fear unsettles us. It is important to remove the fear in us. A tremendous peace will reign, no matter what may be around us, because there will be a very special energy in us making us live our part in the scenery of life with its various scenes.

How can we remove fear? There are many ways, but don’t lose yourself on the internet with all those you can find there. Choose the one that resonates with you. That one will work for you. You must remember that fear comes from what we think and the impressions we have. Consequently, if you want, you can start by cleansing your mind. Change negative and toxic thoughts for the most marvellous ones that you would like to happen to you. Yes, the mind can do everything! You control it. That is what the great heroes of this current moment are doing as they confront life-saving situations. The capacity we have cannot be measured. It would be stronger and more beneficial if we removed negative obstacles. And the greatest one is fear.

I suggest something simple. Breathe in deeply saying to yourself “I breathe the force of life”, and on breathing out “I release the fear in me”. You can contact me if you want to try other suggestions.

I wish you all a heart full of love, hope and kindness, and free from fear.

sun sol

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