When We Judge

Greetings and best wishes

We have dealt with fear and power. Now, how about judgement and criticism? There is so much suffering and stress due to judging others and being judged. If we observe around us, we will be surprised by what we hear and see and what we think and do. However, we will never know the full consequences of judging unless we suffer from it ourselves.

Judgement comes from our perception of life. We base ourselves on the fact that our way of doing things is the only right or good way. We think there is something wrong in all the other ways. People are ready to judge as a normal social behaviour. They do not think anything of it. I have worked with individuals who had big issues in life due to the judgement they had from their parents. (In my book “My Awakening to Myself” you will find a chapter about judgement).

Do you judge yourself? Do you judge others? Do others judge you? Who does? How does that make you feel? If it is not pleasant, would you make others feel that way by judging/criticising them? Have you thought about it? Observe how the small mind uses you to judge and, in that way, keeps you asleep. This is a time to be awakened. Wake up the big mind in you.

We have no right to judge anyone, least of all ourselves. If we find we are in this situation, we should reflect on what brought us there. Why are we doing it? What feelings are we following? By asking questions we get to the point. Then, we make decisions as to what path to follow. One thing to remember is that we are all ONE. Every time we judge another person, we are judging ourselves. Energy is not tangible. We cannot see it. Nevertheless, it is working on us all at the same time. Some can feel it, others cannot. At the moment, we are living through a time when it is very important, more than ever before, to be aware of what we do to ourselves and others through judgement.

Let us go within and check where we are with what we think, feel and do, because we will be receivers of the consequences that they may have for ourselves and others. Judging and criticising are negative energies that cause damage to the sender and the receiver equally. It would pay to reflect on this and make the necessary changes to bring love and harmony to ourselves and the world.

I wish you peace, love and empowerment, free from fear and judgement.

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