Where Are You?

Greetings and best wishes for your health.

With so much happening so fast, it is like being pushed forward in time and not being prepared for it. Many people are, but many more are not. Where are you at? Although many usual life activities have stopped, there is so much going on at all levels. Where are you in all this? All sorts of information are being passed on. Information can be like fire; it can burn you as you hear it, or it can sooth you. Which type do you listen to? This is a time where we have to be very mindful of what we hear, think and do.

You already know that we are powerful beings and we often forget it because of the influences around us. By selecting what we hear, we will control incoming information which could harm us. Keep checking how you feel at all times. Remember your feelings are indicators which will tell you where you are at. I would suggest listening to your body and your feelings. Use your tools to be serene and at peace. We are so much more than what we are made to believe. Look within for the real YOU and remember we are all ONE.

I hope the Wish Board of your life on the planet is coming up nicely.

I wish you all health, love and freedom. Keep fear away.

Where are you

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