Our Linear World

We already live in a linear world, so by us keeping and reinforcing it we remain stuck, whether we feel it, believe it, or not. Being in our comfort zone makes us feel good and in control, but it does not help us. By getting out and trying new things we will learn quite a lot, and if we are adventurous it will help tremendously.

Let´s say that you are very good at all the things you do. You start a new activity from scratch and have no knowledge whatsoever of the subject. You join a group who has been doing that for some time. It feels like everyone can run but you cannot even walk or stand straight. Depending on the kind of person you are, you will have to deal with all the thoughts and feelings that will follow in your own way. It is a good experience to get to know yourself because we all think we know ourselves until we are plunged into circumstances we haven´t come across before. Have you had any experiences of this?

our linear world

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