River Nile

I believe that when we are in our centre and listen carefully, the elements can talk to us – not all at the same time, but the ones we pay most attention to.

I have said before how by being by the sea the waves can wash away problems, stubborn thoughts or memories from us, if we are willing to let them go. The river Nile offers challenging experiences. Travelling on it for several days I had the opportunity to see, feel and experience many things at all times of the day and night. The Nile is the most amazing, longest and widest river I have ever seen. By gazing at it, its waters pull you in and if you allow it you can go to its depths where the memories of time speak to you. You can stay there for minutes or hours enjoying the experience. This can be so beautiful that you find yourself longing to go back to it. The connection one feels cannot be explained in words. One has to experience it.

As most of our body is water, when we are able to connect with water in its peaceful and smooth state, as it is the river Nile, we can benefit from it in many ways according to where we are in our lives and how receptive we are to what it can offer.

River Nile Rio Nilo

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