Loneliness is complex and every person feels it acording to the mental state they are in. So it is not easy to talk about it as if we know what we are saying, since everyone perceives it according to where we are in each moment of our life.

Loneliness can be physical, emotional or spiritual. You may think that living alone is feeling alone but that is not necessarily so. Yes, there may be many people who feel that loneliness. However, there is another loneliness you feel when you are surrounded by other people, when you feel lonely even if they are family, friends and companions. But nobody is able to fill the void that we feel inside. It is a difficult feeling to explain to people, because they would not understand it. We would experience a shower of questions for which we would not have answers and this would make us feel worse. That is one of the reasons why so many suffer their solitude in silence. They do not know how to express it. From their point of view nobody understands them. Nor do they understand that feeling of absence in the depths of themselves. That deep loneliness arouses a thirst to know more, to go further, to enter the unknown. For some it is easy, but others are stopped by fear.

We could talk a lot about loneliness, but let’s just say that those who live alone are not the ones who feel most lonely. There are those who live with their family and have all their needs covered; yet they bear the burden of that loneliness and cannot talk about it because no-one would believe them. For that reason, the internal emptiness they feel is profound and they cannot find their way out. This is where we have to stop and reflect. Do we know who we are? Where we come from? What we came to do? These are key questions to begin to understand that great loneliness.

Remember that when we feel alone it is because we don´t know or ignore that we have our other “self” with us all the time and we feel the separation.

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