“My grand-daughter, Louise, was just over one year old when she developed a pain in her arm. She couldn’t speak but we noticed that she would draw her arm back if we went to touch it & would flinch & cry if it were touched. Her parents took her to the doctor’s who referred her to the local hospital (Mayday University Hospital near Croydon).

They couldn’t immediately diagnose the problem & performed many tests on Louise.

I don’t know all the medical procedures that were carried out but I know she was sent to Royal Marsden for Scan (Royal Marsden is a Specialist Cancer Hospital) Specimens were sent to Great Ormond St. & between the three hospitals, they diagnosed an infection in the bone.

I rang Adelita & asked if she would give absent healing to Louise & she kindly said that she would, Louise was admitted to Mayday with a high temperature & and was feeling very poorly. Her parents took turns to stay overnight at the hospital to be with her.

Louise was operated on; the arm and the bone were opened up….and there was no infection to be seen.

The surgeons, we know, were very mystified. One infection had shown on the scan & the specimens had confirmed this.

They closed the wound & sewed up the arm. In their words, she healed remarkably quickly.

Louise has had further check-ups in three, then six & now 12 months & is in excellent health. The nurses and doctors at Mayday are still puzzled. We are not.”