“I was a student of Spanish which Adelita taught at an Adult Education Centre in Caterham. One morning Angela, one of the students, came to the class in a lot of pain. She suffered from ill health and she and her husband always seemed to be beset by bad luck. She was such a lovely person though and we were all very fond of her, so that when the pain worsened this particular morning & Angela decided that she would have to go home, we were all very sorry.

Adelita asked her to wait a moment and told us that she thought she could help Angela. She explained that she was a healer & asked us if we minded if she gave Angela healing. If we were “against this” she asked that we go & have a coffee – if we were open minded, she asked that we sit quietly & perhaps send kind thoughts to Angela.

We watched & saw Angela relax completely as Adelita passed her hands over her, not touching but a few inches away from her body.

After about 15-20 minutes (time seemed to have stood still for us) Adelita stood back & Angela opened her eyes slowly & blinked as if she were coming out of a sleep. “The pain has gone” she said in surprise, “It is really gone”. She told us how she’d felt the heat from Adelita’s hands even though they didn’t touch her. She went back to her seat in the class, looking very puzzled but expressing her gratitude and people started to asking Adelita about what she had done. Two or three minutes had passed when we heard a little shriek from Angela. She had suddenly realised that a pain in her shoulder that she had learned to live with, had gone too!”