I have been absent for a while due to a change in my life circumstances. Today is a special day for me and I want to see where I can go. I want to thank those who have not forgotten me and have congratulated me these past holidays with words full of encouragement and gratitude.

Last November, on the flight back from a trip, I wrote a blog with the intention of publishing it. Next to me was a young and charming couple. We talked animatedly for more than half of the trip and I forgot about the blog until the conversation led us to it. I told them I would publish it. However, life had other channels for me far from my intention to publish it. Weeks later I could not find it.

Today is a day of changes for me. Luckily, I also found what was written on the plane. Here it goes:

The waves of the sea, if we observe them, are like emotions. There are soft ones that seem to caress you, slightly stronger ones that seem to warn you and then come the strong ones that drag you, make you lose your balance and even hit your body. It is interesting to observe them from a small distance and from a higher level to be able to see the great immensity of water that moves in well-ordered and harmonious waves.

I put my eyes and attention on that movement and soon I feel myself travelling with them. They welcome me and I tell them what I have inside. Soon the waves of my being join the rhythm of the waves of the sea. I trust and I surrender to travelling with them. They take me in and out until I go very far and there, they push me inside. I feel descending. Unconditional love accompanies me. I reach a dark depth and a bright light approaches, questions my presence and advises me. The spirit of the sea speaks to me. I feel overwhelmed. It is a great honour, which I did not know about.

The first similar experience was in Cuba. The awe that time was immense. My entire being belonged to that force. It was impossible to express it in words. Those are moments in life that just living them have been worth being in the matter, feeling the energy and vibrating with its strength.

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