Do You Feel Joy or Fear?

Wishing you good health and lots of Joy.

We are living in a time of restrictions. I find it confusing. How about you? Do you also feel fear in the air? Have you noticed the damaging effect of fear these past months? The strange thing is that the media does not take it on board, and yet there is a lot to write about. As someone who has experienced acute fear at a very young age, I know how it feels. Now, I also know that we have the power to remove it from us. I found my own technique at the time, but now we have many ways in which to deal with it. (I have already a blog about fear)

What used to be joy has become fear, and happiness has become sadness. The smiles that bring sunshine to faces have been replaced by a cloud of fear separating us from each other and isolating us in darkness. Fear is darkness. Joy is light. I would like to say that it is up to us to activate the sparkle of joy in us. Nobody will do it for us. But we have to know that we CAN do it ourselves. It is part of our responsibility to the planet to be joyful.

I wish you Peace, Love and JOY, free from fear.

joy or fear

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