Where Is Your Power?

Greetings and best wishes

I would like to follow on from the last blog where I mentioned power. How empowered are you? Where is your power? Do you often ask yourself “where is my power?”. When we ask questions we are opening up and allowing a greater vision to come in.

Our power is precious. It is what we are. It is in our interest to take care of it. Some of the things that can happen are: other people can take it from you by intimidating you, intruding into your life wanting to solve problems when you can do it yourself, and telling you what to do without being asked. Then there are power predators who steal it from you. You can also give it away without realising, like when you play the poor me and others come to rescue you, when you love others and give them whatever they ask without checking and making sure it is in order. When others make you feel anger or any other negative emotion you are giving them your power. It can be the same when you react in a situation, and so on. When you are disempowered you are vulnerable and anything can affect you negatively: you lose confidence in yourself and self-esteem, you belittle yourself, you feel tired, become moody and discontent or pretend that all is well and hide yourself from other people´s reactions towards you.

When you are empowered you feel strong and your self-esteem is high, you move with confidence, ease and contentment through life. You stand your ground. Nobody can intimidate you. You do not believe everything that comes your way. You check it out. Who with? With yourself, of course! Question yourself. Be open and silent. Allow the answers to flow in. All the answers are within you, not outside you. The answers you may pick up from the exterior belong where you picked them up from. They will not fit in your life. If you want to make them fit, you will suffer for it because you are forcing something into you which does not belong there. It is like forcing a piece of a jigsaw into the wrong space. So, by asking “where is my power?”, you will have a clear idea where it is. To get it back you have to be in control and ask the power to come back to you, from wherever it is.

By knowing ourselves, we know which path to take, which direction to follow and what obstacles to overcome.

Wishing you peace, love, empowerment and freedom.


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