The Rainbow Meditation

Greetings, I wish you good health in every way.

I thought of giving you an exercise which is simple to do and you can do it individually or with the family. A lot of people know this, especially if you are healers or receive healing. I have passed this on to many people. There are various versions of it, but it does not matter which version you do.

I hope the picture will help you to understand my explanation.
You stand and take a few deep breaths in and out, relaxing the body with each breath. Your eyes are closed. You will use bright colourful ribbons: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue Celeste, Indigo, Purple. When you are ready, imagine as you breath in that there is a bright Red ribbon that comes from under your feet and goes up along the front of your body to over your head. From there, as you breath out, it goes down the back of your body all the way down to meet the other end of the ribbon under your feet. The ribbon should not touch the body. (In the photo you see it very circular, but it should have an oval shape when you do it). When that is done, you do exactly the same with the other ribbons, only with each one imagine there is a space in between them. So, you would look like the picture in an oval form, but the lines would be from the front to the back. Imagine the ribbons with shiny colours. When you have finished all the colours, stop there for a moment and then, as if they were curtains, close them from the back and the front towards the sides, so you close yourself in. Now, you are in the centre of the colours. There, keep still and enjoy the sensations you may have.

As you are doing it you will feel the warmth of each colour, and when you are in the middle you will feel the warmth of all the colours together. People who have done this with me have reported feeling lots of love, healing, protection and some feel transported to a most wonderful meditation.

Wishing that this exercise will help you to calm down when any kind of discomforting situation creeps up. If your mind is too busy and cannot meditate, this will help you to focus within. (It can be done sitting down as well. The shape of the colours will be more like the ones in the picture).

I wish you all good health and freedom.


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